Chapter 5

Sweet Drunken Love

Smoke circled around the incense and disappeared into the moon.

We were sipping bourbon on the deck of a cabin in New Mexico that overlooked tree covered mountains and a lake.

The moon shone twice that night. Once in the sky and once on the surface of the rippling water.

It was chilly and it was quiet.

Wrapped in a mexican blanket, the only sound was the breeze rustling the pine needles in the trees and the clinking of ice in our glasses.

I could tell you why this is one of the most precious memories I have collected, but words would fail to capture the wholeness of it.

I wrote this song in New Mexico underneath a starry sky...

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I trust your own experience and imagination to do a much better job of completing the picture than I ever could.

One of my songwriting mentors told me, “A scientist's job is to look at the world and reduce it down to a grain of sand. An artist’s job is to look at a grain of sand and see the entire world.”

This memory is a grain of sand and when I look back on it, I do think I can see the entire world.

Since then, my creative process has been collecting grains of sand and looking at them long enough until I can see something deeper.