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Weekly videos, prompts, and stories detailing the inner-workings of my songwriting.

"Watching Jake makes me feel like I could write my own song one day..."

- Nathaniel D., Austin, Tx

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Ultimately I share music with everyone, but my email subscribers always get to hear new songs first and they are the only people I share my creative process with!

Feel Inspired

It's easy to let a lot of time pass without expressing yourself. It makes me so proud to see how many folks are now writing poetry, songs, and stories based off the videos and creative prompts I send. 

Brighten Your Day

I know you're busy and everyday comes with challenges and obligation. As an artist I consider it my job to help you unwind, escape, and recharge with music and stories.

How I Respect Your Time...

1. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

Don't you hate it when you sign up for something and then someone just tries to sell you stuff all of the time?!?! Me too... This is really about sharing music, stories, and creative inspiration with people all over the world. It is a labor of love and 100% FREE.

2. When you reach out to me, I get back to you!

One of the best parts of making this content is the relationships I have developed with people. Everyday when I open my inbox I have notes from friends all around the world that are just as into good music as I am. We share stories, art, and life with each other.

3. I keep all of the content short and to the point.

I know you are busy so I do not send long-winded content. I keep the videos sincere, entertaining, and concise. Just the right amount of musical medicine to brighten a busy day.

What Folks Are Saying...

Cairis C.

Rotherham, England

"I don't usually sign up for emails or even watch videos about music, but when I first heard Jake covering a Leonard Cohen song and I was hooked!

The first video had me trawling the internet looking for more and I loved what I found.

Jake is a great storyteller and it shows in his music. His emails are thought provoking and the videos provide an informative insight into the songwriting process. I look forward to their arrival - plus the music is just awesome!! 

So if you're thinking about signing up, I would say just do it! Nothing to lose and so much to gain!"

Ben B.


"Jake is a great songwriter and an even better person. He's always got something to say that will make you smile and his videos are interesting, educational, and charming. 

He does a great job at keeping me up to date with whatever he's got going on.  Be that shows, videos, releases, & the like.  

It's great to watch him grow as both an artist and an individual. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Russ Ham

La Paz, BCS, Mexico

"As an amateur songwriter with modest skills, I understand only a few basics about the craft.  At its heart, songwriting is both mechanical and magical.  

I watch and enjoy and study Jake’s videos because he understands both the magical and the mechanical aspects of our art.  I will never approach Jake’s fretboard skills, but he is never elitist and is always reassuring that creativity can flow through whatever skill set I bring.

Jake has been a great source of turning good habits and knowledge to craft and my very basic ideas into the best songs they can become."

"Jake's songs have a way of engulfing you the way a great book or film does. His use of imagery and detail conjure up nostalgic images of sweetness mixed with tension in a subtle yet powerful way."

- Justin Douglas, King Electric