Chapter 1


Early in the morning before the sun had risen, rain was tapping on the window of the practice room on the top floor of the music school.

The only way I could force myself to wake up early, was to pour an exceptionally large mug of black coffee.

I was 20 years old and putting in 4-6 hours of practice everyday perfecting the works of Bach, Mozart, Tarrega, and Satie on my classical guitar.

Ever since I was 16, my true passion was staying up late at night writing lyrics in my journal, softly strumming my guitar, and obsessing over the meanings of my favorite songs.

But as far as I knew, I could not practically make a living as a songwriter, so I decided to take up the classical guitar and prepare for music school.

A raven laughs in a willow tree with his shadow on the moon...

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Since my father was a choral director, I essentially grew up immersed in classical music, and It made sense that I would pursue it as well.

After 6 years of intense study, completing my music degree, and working full time in a guitar studio, I couldn't deny that my passion was still songwriting.

Playing the works of other composers/songwriters was (and still is) great inspiration for me, but nothing compared to going into the depths of my soul and writing something original, vulnerable, and true.