Intimate Shows with Austin's Best Songwriters

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"Jake has created a wonderful, thriving community
of songwriters and musicians..."

- Dylan Smith, Booker, Cactus Cafe

3 Reasons You'll Love

These Shows

Curated Artists

It's overwhelming when you see all of the shows happening in Austin and really hard to know which to pick. When you come to a parlor show you are guaranteed to hear Austin's top songwriters in the ideal environment.

Live Video & Streaming Links

Before every show, I email live videos and streaming links of the featured artists. This way you can hear the artists before deciding if you want to attend.

 The Local Scene 

If you only go see huge artists in huge venues, you are missing out on the true culture of Austin. When you come to my parlor shows and showcases, you get a front row seat to the vibrant local music scene.

Not Your Typical Show...

1. We start with a Cocktails & Pre-Show Entertainment.

Show up right when the doors open to get a drink, a great seat, and enjoy conversation with your friends while an artist provides background entertainment. The pre-show is different every time, but we've had strolling musicians, magicians, chefs, photographers and many more local artists. 

2. The Parlor Shows and Songwriter Showcases Are Not Genre Specific.

I feature great songwriters regardless of what genre they are.  While I always play folk music, I also feature blues, country, rock, indie, and pop artists. This make's every show really fun and totally unique. It also ensures that you are getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. You Are Welcome to Bring Friends or Fly Solo!

There is no awkward standing around at these shows. As soon as the doors open there are drinks to be had and music to be listened to. I take great care in creating a welcoming environment. After you come to a few shows you will start to feel like part of the Family.

What Folks Are Saying...

Adam T.


"Most of our weekends get filled up with various family and friend obligations and we aren't able to go to many shows. 

So when we get out, we want to make SURE  we are going to have a great night.

When I go to Jake's shows, I feel like all of the work has been done for me. He curates amazing artists and sends out links to their music before the show so we can get excited.

It always feels like I got into an exclusive club with any songwriter we've seen and there is never a bad seat in the house.

The shows are intimate and are perfect for a date night out. We always feel grateful to be invited!"

Jasmine F.


" I get overwhelmed when I look at how many shows  there are every night. Even when I find one that looks good, I have to find someone to go with me.

Realistically, it only works out about half the time.

The thing I love about the Jake's parlor shows and songwriter showcases is the welcoming atmosphere he creates. 

It's one of the only shows I feel comfortable going to alone or with friends.

As soon as you walk in the door there are plenty of seats, good drinks, and great music.

A lot of the same people show up every time and it feels like a big family of music lovers."

Tim O.

Austin, Tx

" When I go to a typical venue it seems like very few people actually came to enjoy the music.

Because of the intimate venues and the atmosphere Jake creates, I felt like I could really connect with the genius of the music itself. The stories seem to come alive an the artist's vulnerability is captivating.

Jake is committed to his artistry as a songwriter and a host. It takes a very secure and humble person to showcase other peoples talent the way he does. He has a genuine love for the craft and that permeates every show. 

These shows are truly one of my favorite things about Austin."

"Jake's songs have a way of engulfing you the way a great book or film does. His use of imagery and detail conjure up nostalgic images of sweetness mixed with tension in a subtle yet powerful way."

- Justin Douglas, King Electric