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"I feel motivated and connected every week."

- Tanis Lemons, Secret Chord Member

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Don't let another week go by without  living your most inspired life. Every week you get inpirational stories, creative prompts,  and curated music in the Secret Chord digital magazine.

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Never run out of binge-worthy tracks to listen to again. The official Secret Chord Playlist is updated every week and you will be the first to know about my new releases.

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Every month you get an exclusive invite to live interviews & concerts. I feature top tier artists from across the country in a virtual listening room and only Secret Chord members get access!

3 Ways Secret Chord Will Inspire You

1. A normal week should be more than just work and obligation.

The number one roadblack to living your most expressive life is feeling tired from work and family obligations. Every week I send stories, songs and creative propts designed to turn an average week into an inspired one. 

2. Transform exhaustion into inspiration with curated art & music.

Art and music are food for the creative part of your mind. If you aren't being connected to quality art, you won't feel motivated to engage in the creative process yourself. Secret Chord members are connected to new artists in virtual shows and regularly updated playlists.

3. Overcome perfectionism with weekly creative prompts.

It's easy to spend more time feeling inadequate or daunted about our dreams than it is to actually work on them. Creative prompts are short exercises that bring your playful side back into your life and help you bypass perfectionism, comparison and anxiety.

Here's What Subscribers are Saying...

 I never give out my email because I'm tired of receiving crap, but I look forward to the Secret Chord show invitations and creative prompts.  Jake Farr is a talented writer and musician, I enjoy reading his feature articles and being introduced to other artists.  Even if he printed these on used greasy discarded hamburger wrappers and sent them via USPS... I would excitedly wait by my mailbox.... 

Chris Z.

Radio DJ, Guitarist

 I really enjoy getting the Secret Chord magazine and creative prompts every week. My feed is full of influencers and ads that continuously want something from me. I can easily fall into the trap of thinking I need to buy something or change myself to be better. In contrast, Jake's articles invite me to access my creative side and to be contemplative during my hectic day. I feel renewed, refreshed and encouraged by the articles and artist introductions. I am thankful for this publication that actually values the readers' creativity.  

Kendra V.

Artist, Counselor

 Secret Chord is a creative oasis. If you want to immerse yourself in the creative process, inspirational shows and curated music, this is the place for you! As a writer I feel motivated and connected in the Secret Chord community. You should totally check it out. 

Tanis L.

Writer, Teacher

"Jake's songs have a way of engulfing you the way a great book or film does. His use of imagery and detail conjure up nostalgic images of sweetness mixed with tension in a subtle yet powerful way."

- Justin Douglas, King Electric