Secret Chord

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Personal Stories - Original Songs - Creative Inspiration 

What Folks Are Saying...

"It’s enjoyable to have a glass of wine, listen to good music, and learn the methods of the artist. I love these shows.  "

- Perry H. Austin, TX

"I love this show. It is so relaxed and enjoyable. It is all about the music and musicians, their lives, & the creative process."

- Eddy N., Brisbane, Australia

"I feel like I'm a part of a small community and I'm being exposed to new, amazing artists. This has been great... "

- Trevor S., Chicago, IL

"If you want to immerse yourself in the creative process and great music, this is the place for you! As a writer I feel motivated and connected in the Secret Chord community. You should totally check it out.  "

- Tanis L., San Antonio, TX

"These events are very enjoyable and enlightening! I always feel inspired to write a new song after the show. "

- Russ Y., La Paz, Mexico