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"Jake's magazine is a creative oasis... As a writer, I feel motivated and connected after ever issue."

- Tanis Lemons, Writer/Teacher

Get in the Heads of Creatives

Have you ever wondered what inspires artists to write, compose, paint, or sculpt? Is it a formal education or natural talent?  Unshakable work ethic or a willingness to let go? A troubled past or a stable childhood?

Since this type of question has always fascinated me, I do an exclusive interview with a creative artist every month that will give you a clear picture into the mysterious and magical world of the creative process.

Discover New Art & Music

Everyone has a time in their life they can look back at and remember when they first fell in love with their favorite band, artist or book series. As years pass by, we carry these works of art with us (as we should!), but something is lost with time.

You have changed, life has happened and it's just as important to nurture your heart now as it was then. In every issue, I will introduce you to transcendent art and music that connects you with your deepest self. 

Get Inspired to Express Yourself

It's easy to feel like you are not an artist, writer or creative person. Our culture teaches things like, "some people are talented and some are not," and "If you aren't making money with your art, then you are not an artist." 

I believe every person is a fully capable, creative and expressive being. We all have rich experiences, emotions and memories that deserve to be manifested into form and shared with others.  In the Parlor Show Magazine, I write articles, exercises and prompts that will get those creative juices flowing!

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Actually quite the opposite. My goal is that you will feel Given To.

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"Jake's songs have a way of engulfing you the way a great book or film does. His use of imagery and detail conjure up nostalgic images of sweetness mixed with tension in a subtle yet powerful way."

- Justin Douglas, Producer