Hi Friend...

I sing songs, throw shows and host a creative community called Secret Chord. 

Don't worry, it's all free

"I can't stop listening to these songs..."

- Jamie M., FAn

What's Inside?

Secret Chord Stories

Every week I write short stories from my life as a songwriter, guitarist, and creative. Every story is filled with humor, philosophy and creative inspiration for my readers.

New Music In Your Inbox

In addition to my new realeases and a weekly updated playlist of fresh indie and folk tracks, I also give you a behind the scenes look at my creative process. 

Exclusive Show Invites

Every month I host virtual concerts featuring top artists from across the country. We share songs, stories, and the inner workings of the creative process.

Here's What Subscribers are Saying...

 I never give out my email because I'm tired of receiving crap, but I look forward to receiving Jake's content. He is a talented writer and musician, I enjoy reading Secret Chord, being introduced to new music and going to the shows. Even if he printed his content on used greasy discarded hamburger wrappers and sent them via USPS... I would excitedly wait by my mailbox.... 

Chris Z.

Radio DJ, Guitarist

 My feed is full of influencers and ads that continuously want something from me. I can easily fall into the trap of thinking I need to buy something or change myself to be better. In contrast, Jake's articles invite me to access my creative side and to be contemplative during my hectic day. I really enjoy reading Secret Chord and being a part of the live shows.  I feel renewed, refreshed and encouraged by the articles and artist introductions. I am thankful for this group that actually values the my creativity.  

Kendra V.

Artist, Counselor

 It's easy to spend all of my time on my obligations and not feed my artist self. Secret Chord is a creative oasis. If you want to immerse yourself into the creative process and inspiring artwork and music, you'll love it! You should totally check it out. As a writer I feel motivated and connected.

Tanis L.

Writer, Teacher

"Jake's songs have a way of engulfing you the way a great book or film does. His use of imagery and detail conjure up nostalgic images of sweetness mixed with tension in a subtle yet powerful way."

- Justin Douglas, King Electric