Singer/Songwriter Jake Farr, blurs the lines between Indie Folk and European Art Music. As the son of a choral director, Jake spent his childhood in concert halls and rehearsal rooms listening to haunting melodies, Latin texts, and his father shaping each part of the composition into a whole. Although, Jake began his classical music training at the age of 5, his true passion for music began at 16 when he became obsessed with the work of Damien Rice and Leonard Cohen. Jake was gifted a brown leather journal from his Aunt and began writing songs late into the night while the rest of the house was sleeping.
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After receiving a degree in classical guitar and developing his craft with with some of the world’s finest musicians, Jake returned to his first love of songwriting. In 2015 Jake released his debut full length album, Seasons. The emotionally charged concept album shows glimpses into Jake’s struggle with Identity. Most notably, Seasons has been featured in American Songwriter Magazine and The Velvety Blog in Madrid.

In addition to musical artists like Beirut and Iron & Wine, Jake draws inspiration from visual artists like Wes Anderson and Tim Burton giving his music a unique visual quality. Writing in the spectrum between concrete and abstract prose, Jake is never quite satisfied with a song until it matures into a whole, but contains enough space for the for the invisible emotion written into each verse.

Outside of his artistic endeavors, Jake is an avid reader, a connoisseur of craft coffee and beer, and an indie movie fanatic. Jake performs with his wife and fellow artist, Emily Farr, and writes, records, and teaches out of his studio in Austin, Tx.